In January 2017, a group of Warli painters, artists, craft workers, designers, ceramic artists, a musician, a filmmaker and a story-teller from the UK and India came together for an intensive two-week residency in Bapugaon, heartland of the Warli community and a remote village in rural Maharastra, India.

Using traditional craft practices, the group created an installation named HEART:BEAT, featuring sonics, clay-work, painting, film, and storytelling.

A brick book was designed to document the residency. Made from the earth and it's raw materials, bricks are central to the symbolic and ritualistic creative process of Warli practice and are used to make art, structures and homes. The use of varying paper stocks creates clear chapters of the artists experiences, as well as reflecting the layers of clay within artworks and the a Warli brick itself. The book is completed with a crushed Warli brick dust covered spine.

Client: British Ceramics Biennial
Agency: The Office of Craig Oldham
Role: Lead design and concept
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